TallyPrime Server

Our Tally Prime Server offers powerful data server capabilities in Gold license. This server-based data architecture exhibits greater concurrency, advanced monitoring capabilities, and secure data access. Tally Software Server is truly an enterprise-class product that helps fast-growing medium & large businesses improve their business efficiency.

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High Concurrency

Performing operations in a frictionless environment

Multiple users can simultaneously load entities, save transactions, print reports, import data, export reports perform backups, & perform other data-related operations without experiencing any downtime. This directly leads to optimal utilization of man-hours as the speed at which a task can be completed increases. Also, users can seamlessly work on the same data. Your data is always real-time, consistent, & accurate.

Secured by design

Providing controlled access to data files

When data files are managed by Tally Prime Server, there is no need to host the data on the server. The data server name is sufficient to access and run Tally software. Operations on enterprise data, such as backup and restore, are controlled by server-level permissions that are only available with authentication. This ensures better control over users’ data access.

High Reliability

Minimizing instances of system unavailability

Continue recording transactions or viewing reports while backing up without any compromise in speed or access or accuracy. This limits conflicts on the client end to client systems and ensures that data on the server or other users’ activities are not affected. Thus, it improves work productivity and business efficiency by avoiding work disruption and ensuring downtime.

Business Process Optimization

Increased Productivity & Business Performance

A comprehensive monitoring capability allows authorized users to manage user sessions. Also, monitoring, user activities/sessions and with the ability to disconnect users, helps optimize processes or system usage for improved productivity if required.